Sales and Lookbooks….

Well i got a little bit sidetracked and totally forgot about cyber monday… which isn’t too good.

For those who don’t know… Cyber Monday is kind of like Black Friday for the internet.
For those who don’t know… Black Friday is basically the day following Thanksgiving, the start of the Christmas shopping season, where many sales are to be had. I suppose its more of an American thing, rather than and Australian, and maybe could be likened to our Boxing day sales?
But it all basically means one thing: SALE!!

Such sales include those mentioned in Marie Claire and although I missed out on the sales themselves… browsing this and other websites introduced me to a few new ‘gems’

Singer22 is great! If money is no object… its a bit outside my student budget. However I am a big fan of ‘lookbooks’ and in this site you can shop by both lookbook and celebrity style – which is great for getting ideas

Singer 22 Lookbook

Unfortunately with Singer22 – It is expensive, although gorgeous, and for your first purchase you’ll need to supply them with a copy of your passport and credit card for security reasons.
If you were looking for a more ‘affordable’ lookbook I would suggest having a look at GoJane Coincidentally they are also taking 30% your purchases when you enter the code HOLIDAY30 at the checkout for the next 6 days!

Go Jane

However lookbooks can be found all over the place! I suggest you look through our directory on clothes and see what you can find (either click on clothes on the tabs above or click Here

** EDIT ** : If you havent heard about I would suggest a look… can also provide hours of amusement

HAPPY SHOPPING. (P.s. just received a whole load of stuff from Forever21… which I will tell you about very very soon…)



SO  i did a bit of browsing of the interwebs the other day and found something interesting.

Do you think internet/ online shopping should be cheaper? A bit of an old article at  Fresh Egg seemed to think so. At first I hadn’t really thought about it, however consider the difference in costs in investment between ‘brick-and-mortar’ shopping and online shopping:

 The retailers need to rent it, heat it, light it, secure it, insure it, most stores will have a EPOS system, then staff it and before all of that though a store will have to be kitted out.

So are we getting a raw deal? Supposedly we’re being responsible, y’know, not driving to stores + not wasting fuel (never mind the airplane fuel to ship your purchases over) + we dont add traffic and shopping centre congestion.

Any thoughts?
However if online stores were to wave postage costs, to make up the ‘investment’ difference I’d be pretty happy.

On another note… How weird is this?

** Also I will be posting about blackfriday/cybermonday deals tomorrow** – so if any of you guys have an online shop, or know of some great deals please let me know and I will post them!!

And this is why we love online shopping…


And this is why we love online shopping…

You get to browse all the sales and specials at once! Time for some christmas shopping? (Won’t any excuse do?) 😀 😀
So this is what I’ve gathered from a quick browse of the forums, as well as visiting some of my favourite stores… – 20% off and free delivery with the code CHRISTMAS10 – free delivery with the code PAYPAL – 20% off and free delivery with the code PP-729725. (good for christmas presents, but if I was just buying for myself i would by second hand books from – much cheaper! )

20% OFF + Free Shipping on orders over $75 at! Use Code: 20FREE at checkout. Offer good from 11262010 – 11302010.

Cute 😀 – ok. I’m about to do some serious shopping. Of course there is the FREE WORDWIDE SHIPPING, which is now old news to us, were that good… but also you can get 20% off when you enter the following codes at checkout. ASOSFHM or ASOS20 – Country Road has 25% off everything til midnight tomorrow! (quick – pounce!) – Alegorie is having a sale, up to 60% off, and you can get an extra 15% off sale items with the code STYLEMONSTER, or 10% of regular priced stock with the code VOGUETTE. – an extra 20% off sale items – go crazy
 and stock up on those glitter eyeliners: 75c (?) each 😀 Use the code Fall2010 to get a discount

I’ve wanted these bathers for many many months


One vogue forum alerted me of all of the following :S (which is a bit of a daunting amount) – Free Delivery Use code PAYPAL2010

Ted’s Cameras – Free Delivery Use code PayPal

JB Hi Fi – Free Delivery, in general

Digital Rev – Free Delivery With PayPal, use code 262K29514

Supre (im sorry but not a fan) – Free shipping (promo code: PAYPAL)

Bing Lee – Free Delivery on all products under 25kg. Use code FSHIPLESS25

COTD – Free Delivery. Use code FREESHIP – Free Delivery + 10% off for all orders over USD$75

The Wiggles Shop – Free Delivery with PayPal, use code PPFREESHIP – Free Delivery on watches & leathermans, use code PPX2010FD

Borders – Free Delivery + 20% off with code BAU–PP1110

HAPPY SHOPPING. (and merry christmas to your loved ones, who will receive many a fabulous gift)

A bit of a closer look at…



It’s the best site to go to if your sick and have nothing but time to waste. There is so. much. cute,  unique and somewhat ‘interesting’ ‘things’.
The online store feautures thousands of products, handmade, by any person who wants to set up a store in Etsy… which leads to quite a diverse mix. You can order via Paypal or credit card and are connected to the designer/’seller’, who may be happy to make adjustments to their item, and talk through posting etc.

What etsy has to offer:
You can shop local: search for places near you to reduce postage costs
Sell you own stuff!
Request custom items
Read the blog at etsy

Some things I found at Etsy while I was browsing…
Firstly a thanks to a couple of new twitter followers, here’s some of my favourite things from their stores:

Cute bird earrings from

Cute Fruit 'n' Veg magnets from Vintage shop



Some other stuff I found:

Well… that wasted a lot of my time…
What are YOUR thoughts on Etsy?
and what are your favourite stores?

for those who want an extra bargain…

Asos has currently got…
FREE SHIPPING FOR CHRISTMAS!… and its worldwide :):):)

visit:, to take advantage of this deal as it only lasts for a limited time — stay posted and will keep you updated with more deals as we see them


EDIT: Even better : some discount codes:
– DELAYED15101
– ASOSFHM (not on sale items)

– with 10% off and free shipping – how can you resist?


Welcome to the onlineshopper AU.

We’re just starting: so keep watch!

But, just to let you know what it’s all about…

We’ve found it annoying in the past – when we’ve had to search the internet for  online shopping sites that post to Australia. As well as to search for size or currency conversions. It was also a struggle to find the reviews – or the hidden costs of postage.

Keep watch – this will all appear within a few days! (as of launch:16/11/2010)

Also – remember the Aussie dollar to American dollar is almost at parity (one-to-one). So that means cheap/bargain shopping is online shopping!

J & C