The List…

I’ve done my best to list these sites in a (very loose) price order.
Enjoy ! 😀

Ring from allurez 🙂 (see bottom link).

Forever 21: Cheap as Chips fashionable jewellery. Quality pay be slightly low, but when your paying 3.50 for jewellery – who cares? However that being said this is an American site – so you’ll be paying a lot for postage. Its flat rate $35 – so if you buy a lot it will all even out anyway – you can buy clothes and more here as well 🙂

Go Jane sells (the aptly named) ‘stuff’. Prices are definitely affordable, but again it is an American website so you have to consider the postage cost. Postage starts at $30, and increases with the value of your purchase, so again, buying in bulk is going to be, sort of, more affordable.

Wet Seal Again, very cheap, yet American jewellery – Looks a little cheap (however it is cheap) slightly similar to Diva. Postage starts at $50

About a Girl is cheap AND australian – so the postage wont be quite so high! About $20 for a piece of jewellery, but there isn’t a huge selection, however there a few cute pieces, but nothing that stands out hugely 🙂

Fashion Addict is an AUSTRALIAN website, specializing in acessories, with a crazy huge selection. It is also very affordable: for example prices there are (as of todays date) 1040 fashion earrings, with the price ranging from 3.95 to 24.95. At this price the jewellery doesnt look ‘high class’, but its still great if you were after an affordable selection of accessories.

Stepping Up a little…

Miss Selfridge Sells some gorgeous stuff. Its from the UK, but the postage isn’t that bad… its 9 pounds.. which I’m guessing is 12-13 dollars. 😛 I love the scarves but the jewellery they sell is actually Diva – so it would be more affordable for you to just pick in up in your  local store

Miijo Now were getting to the nice stuff! An Australian store however a little more expensive. That being said I LOVE most of the stuff they sell.

Bird Motel is for the surfy chick. An Australian boutique. Free delivery over $100

Palas Jewellery: Ilove some of the pieces here: especially the necklaces. An Australian site which specialises in jewellery – with cute original pieces. Go on DO IT!

Urban Originals: Sells bags, accessories and shoes! The price is really not bad for bags – I like to have a browse every not and then

The Hanging Space Australian Store. The prices range a fair bit – there a few gems to be found. Some seems a little overpriced

Sugared Another Australian store. Specialises in accesories. I like it. If you want to stand out go have a look – unique very bright, cheerful pieces. I want to buy a lot of it but its a bit too pricey to splurge on, for me at least.

A little more Exxy…

Hello Ruby An Australian site specialising in accesories. Prices range a fair bit. And you can shop by celebrity!

Closet Princess Not a huge selection of accesories. However the do sell Swarovski crystal earrings 🙂 An Australian site.

Pink Zebra Doesn’t have the largest range. There are a few scarves here (around $90). Australian

The Grand Social Very Nice designer goods, Expensive (of course that comes with being designer). Australian.

Archie Vintage A lot here is very cute. It is vintage so you’ll pick up a unique piece. Its a US site, so postage may cost a bit.

Serial Shopper Specialising in Accessories, Australian. You’ll find something cute here. Australian

Melinda Maria: Specialising in jewellery – i LOVE ALL OF THIS. But I am not yet rich enough to buy all of it. Sells white gold, plantinum etc… the good stuff. Its a US site – postage is $45

Honey Honey I think this shop specialises in accessories. However it is quite expensive! A lot to see and quite a few ‘oddities’. Australian.

Bags ‘n’ Packs Australian. For good quality, yet a little prices, bags and handbags etc.

Misa: Sells all sorts (clothes etc) as well as accessories. There isn’t a huge range but the stuff they do sell is nice. The most expensive of them all! but perhaps most ‘price-worthy’? You can shop here for engangment rings, wedding rings etc. at highly discounted prices!