Arrghh! Ok so my series of gift guides was a bit of a fail… I was sick from friday to sunday and worked 12 hours yesterday.
However enough excuses: prepare yourself for the ultimate frenemy gift guide. A funny list of passive-aggressive (or some just aggressive gifts), that I dare you to send.

Frenemy: For those who don’t know what frenemy is… in short it is a ‘friend’ who is an ‘enemy’. Its someone you HAVE to buy a gift for.. even if you dont want to: think inlaws, people who hang around with your friends, at the same time as you or those that you have an ongoing unspoken competition with.

Wow I am really sore – are you? (after exercise)
No? You musn’t have stretched properly.

Awww… a nice pretty doily card with die written on it. If you’ve got a grandma frenemy (or a blind friend that refuses to use classes) this gift card would probably be quite suiting… the ‘Die’ may just look blurry enough for you to get away with as they won’t be able to read it. However in all honesty: probably best suited to a relative, like a little brother – who won’t get too offended. If you don’t like ‘Die’ you can choose from: fucker, douchebag and suck it, amongst others at Pretty Bitter

A gift for the know-it-all friend – the one who can solve a rubix cube in 10 seconds… and does it a parties while everyone says “wow”. But in their heads they are all thinking “wanker”.
Ok so they might just enjoy this present – but it might just make them feel stupid : which is a good thing 😛

*stabbity stabitty stab stab stab* ‘seriously maim’ your frenemy with this tinny little plastic knife earrings 🙂

Well… I actually bought my sister these for christmas as her feet smell SO BAD! Basically they’re little deodorizing ‘golf balls’ (made of charcoal). You put them in your shoes and it deodorizes them. Read: Your feet smell. I actually bought these at borders, but the image links to a UK site, as I couldn’t find them on the borders website: if anyone knows of a website let me know!

Is it a little direct? It says: Get your ass off the couch you fat bitch.

OK. Im gonna stop now… i’ve given you plenty of gift ideas for the frenemy :P…. Of course there are some classics as well: chocolates for the skinny bitch (“go on… calories don’t count when its christmas” – thinks muhahah) Or I’ve seen charcoal soap floating around the internet 😛

Hope you havent left the bulk of your christmas shoping to the last minute like me!
Happy shopping 😛