For quite sometime I’ve been thinking about what to get the more hippy girl for christmas… partly because I’m probably a closet hippy. Anyway over the weeks I’ve collected quite a few goodies.

The List

FairStory Fashion
Shiro Cosmetics
Tom’s Shoes
Body Shop


In my previous post I mentioned Lush and I would reccomend them purely on their ‘attitude’. They don’t test on animals, make their products from fruit ‘n’ veg and try and save on the unnecessary packaging.

“We believe in making effective products out of fresh fruit and vegetables,
the finest essential oils and safe synthetics,
without animal ingredients,
and in writing the quantitative ingredient list in English as well as Latin on the outside.”

The picture above is of the “Godiva” solid hair shampoo. It seems to have some good positive reviews. It also saves on packaging by being solid… (no bottles!) and at the same time apparently last forever! (which is a long time… :P)

Fair Story

Well to be honest I wouldn’t say any of the products they sell are ‘high fashion’, but the products they sell are worth it for the different story behind every one of them. For example the above pictured coin purse was made by Maya women in Guatemala. Many of the women face poverty and lack basic services. The company “Maya Traditions”, that organise the weaving of this product, strive to pay a fair wage. They are also committed to helping the weavers with health care and the education of their children, which are priorities expressed by many women. They provide scholarships to the children of these weavers, and one of them is even in medical school

Shiro Cosmetics

They sell fabulous vegan, handmixed eyeshadow. I discovered this Etsy seller when I was reading a blog post over at Dempeaux . I would highly reccomend a read – its a good review, and the pictures give a really good insight into how good the product actually is.

Golem Eyeshadow

Tom’s Shoes

College Catwalk summarised Tom’s Shoes well. Tom’s Shoes is basically founded on a ‘One-for-One’ principle. For each pair of shoes bought, one pair of shoes will be given to a child in need.

These shoes aren’t really high fashion. But they’re functional, comfortable looking (and every women needs at least one pair of these kind of shoes) and for a good cause.


The Body Shop is against animal testing, for fair trade, protecting our planet (and the rest)
International Student Volunteers or ISV is a great ‘voluntourism’ program. I travelled to Thailand with them at the beginning of this year and stayed in hill tribe village, helped with the daily ‘maintenance’ of elephans, endured bucket showers and had the best time of my life and made some great friends. I’m hoping to go to Costa Rica with them at the end of next year. A deposit on a trip would be a great gift – if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Happy Shopping 🙂