So for those of you still looking to do your christmas shopping… yet can’t be bothered either:

a. Dealing with the crowd

b. Searching through lots and lots of products, looking for the best gift for a particular person

c. Moving your ass from the couch

Have a Look at these holiday gift guides!

Who What Wear has a plethora of gift guides, representing many companies + styles. Its nice… but quite expensive (There is no one that I love quite so much that I am going to spend $200 on a gift for them:P)

Sambag for shoes and acessories.

Hervia : for Vivienne Westwood fans – designer perfume jewellery etc

Runway Scout has some very pretty jewellery (for very special people, to be found here)

Modcloth even has gift guide videos! (with associated product pages)

Forever21 has a nice + bright gift guide

Honey Honey has a range of gifts to choose from

The Hanging Space has a few gift ideas listed on their Blog.

Bird Motel has “Christmas Gift Guides for the Beach Babe”

StrawberryNet has cute little cosmetic / skincare / perfume kits packaged up for christmas

College Candy has quite a few gift guides floating around, like the one for the ‘bookworm’

Some of the products I liked in these gift guides

I hate it when I read to the point when I’m too tired to get up and turn the light off. I also hate trying to balance my desklamp on my rather unstable mattress 😛

I like it in black better but its still pretty awesome 🙂

Another Bookthemed one... but its too cute!

A few (unrelated) things I would like myself:

I tried this dress on and I loved it – it looks really good on, however it didnt quite fit – and the store I was in didn’t have the right size 😦

Angels on Bare Skin - Lush

Ok So it looks a little manky. But apparently it is one of the most amazing cleansers ever. I just discovered this store the other day while walking through perth city (although apparently it isn’t that big of a secret) – and I spent about 45 minutes in there. I got home searched up a review and — SUPRISE — its available online at Its a soap and skincare store which believes in making fresh, handmade products which have little effect on the environment. A good guide/review can be found at Weekend Ramblings

Over the next week in the lead to christmas, I’m thinking about doing a couple of posts on gift guides myself, however incorporating a wide range of stores and products. (stores that may not have necessarily desigined their own gift guide)

I’m thinking…

  • Hippie/Environmentally friendly (I’m a closet hippie :P)
  • Indie
  • Little Sister
  • Frenemy (not that Im intending on giving any gifts… I just thought it would make an amusing post)

Thanks for reading- happy shopping and Good luck (and a merry) for christmas!