I watched sunrise/morning show yesterday morning ( I slept in!), and they had a little segment on online shopping for Gifts. So i thought I would do a brief recap and review for those of you who had better things to do then watch the morning show (y’know, work, uni, school or more sleep?)

The list:

Jimmy Browns
The Wetseat
The Chocolate Pot

For the Men

Well Kylie seemed a little dubious when she was told that the men were ‘loving these at the moment’

Duck boxers XD

Stonemen basically sells ‘artistic’ male undies. Personally I think they are hilarious / good fun and I would love a pair. However that being said I’m a girl and I think that many guys would be embarassed to be seen in the ‘locker room’ as such with them on. I think the price ranges from about 25 to 37 dollars, depending on how complex they are. Any thoughts?

It's a bush!

Jimmy Browns sells sleepwear for boys and men, namely boxers, sleep shorts, sleep tees and ‘Loung Longs’, which I gathered just to mean ‘pyjama pants’.

Pyjama Shorts

To be honest I didn’t think they ‘looked’ particularly great. But they are 100% cotton and have an elastic waistband – so they would be comfy. The shorts are $27.90 – $32.90 and the boxers cost $24.90 – $27.90 – and they are unisex!


The Wetseat: In my opinion this is one of the best ideas mentioned.
Its basically a car seat cover made out of wetsuit material – which is a great idea if your a beach frequenter and don’t want salt or sand all over your seat. Its also ‘dog resistant’. However they are a little exxy for a gift at $149

The Wet seat

The Chocolate Pot
 Yum..  This site specialises in truffles and also sells Mango dipped in chocolate! (two perfect foods…)

Kids (or cousin/nephew/nieces etc!):

Candu : ok, so I don’t think that the morning show grouped this website under kids, but I’m going to as I don’t think that any ‘adult’ would really want one :P.

Candu Resin Bowl Kit

You can choose from a selection of ‘kits’ to make things with. I remember I loved these kind of things as a kid.

Ministyle: Ok i think that is is actually the best find. There is literally EVERYTHING kids here.

Russian nesting dolls $16.95


Kids wear, accessories, books, personalized gifts, accessories, toys etc. And its all at a pretty affordable price

The Dog


Jollie is good place to go if you think your dog would enjoy some beef, cashew and rosemary cookies at christmas time… or some cranberry cookies.
Your dog probably doesn’t realise its christmas though… Its about 15.00 for a 300g bag. (or you could think of it as buying dog food at about $50 a kilo – but its christmas!)

Jollie biscuits

Wow that took an age to type out… – Hope its useful. If you want to watch the actual video it is below! 🙂