Well i got a little bit sidetracked and totally forgot about cyber monday… which isn’t too good.

For those who don’t know… Cyber Monday is kind of like Black Friday for the internet.
For those who don’t know… Black Friday is basically the day following Thanksgiving, the start of the Christmas shopping season, where many sales are to be had. I suppose its more of an American thing, rather than and Australian, and maybe could be likened to our Boxing day sales?
But it all basically means one thing: SALE!!

Such sales include those mentioned in Marie Claire and although I missed out on the sales themselves… browsing this and other websites introduced me to a few new ‘gems’

Singer22 is great! If money is no object… its a bit outside my student budget. However I am a big fan of ‘lookbooks’ and in this site you can shop by both lookbook and celebrity style – which is great for getting ideas

Singer 22 Lookbook

Unfortunately with Singer22 – It is expensive, although gorgeous, and for your first purchase you’ll need to supply them with a copy of your passport and credit card for security reasons.
If you were looking for a more ‘affordable’ lookbook I would suggest having a look at GoJane Coincidentally they are also taking 30% your purchases when you enter the code HOLIDAY30 at the checkout for the next 6 days!

Go Jane

However lookbooks can be found all over the place! I suggest you look through our directory on clothes and see what you can find (either click on clothes on the tabs above or click Here

** EDIT ** : If you havent heard about http://lookbook.nu I would suggest a look… http://www.polyvore.com/ can also provide hours of amusement

HAPPY SHOPPING. (P.s. just received a whole load of stuff from Forever21… which I will tell you about very very soon…)