SO  i did a bit of browsing of the interwebs the other day and found something interesting.

Do you think internet/ online shopping should be cheaper? A bit of an old article at  Fresh Egg seemed to think so. At first I hadn’t really thought about it, however consider the difference in costs in investment between ‘brick-and-mortar’ shopping and online shopping:

 The retailers need to rent it, heat it, light it, secure it, insure it, most stores will have a EPOS system, then staff it and before all of that though a store will have to be kitted out.

So are we getting a raw deal? Supposedly we’re being responsible, y’know, not driving to stores + not wasting fuel (never mind the airplane fuel to ship your purchases over) + we dont add traffic and shopping centre congestion.

Any thoughts?
However if online stores were to wave postage costs, to make up the ‘investment’ difference I’d be pretty happy.

On another note… How weird is this?

** Also I will be posting about blackfriday/cybermonday deals tomorrow** – so if any of you guys have an online shop, or know of some great deals please let me know and I will post them!!