It’s the best site to go to if your sick and have nothing but time to waste. There is so. much. cute,  unique and somewhat ‘interesting’ ‘things’.
The online store feautures thousands of products, handmade, by any person who wants to set up a store in Etsy… which leads to quite a diverse mix. You can order via Paypal or credit card and are connected to the designer/’seller’, who may be happy to make adjustments to their item, and talk through posting etc.

What etsy has to offer:
You can shop local: search for places near you to reduce postage costs
Sell you own stuff!
Request custom items
Read the blog at etsy

Some things I found at Etsy while I was browsing…
Firstly a thanks to a couple of new twitter followers, here’s some of my favourite things from their stores:

Cute bird earrings from

Cute Fruit 'n' Veg magnets from Vintage shop



Some other stuff I found:

Well… that wasted a lot of my time…
What are YOUR thoughts on Etsy?
and what are your favourite stores?