Some Weekend Shopping

Sorry I havent posted in a while… christmas and new years were super busy… and then I just didnt get back on track.

Anyway… some recent online sales have come to my attention…

From the Outnet - already 70% and another 50% at checkout

At Go Jane using the code JANE25R will get you 25% off all regular priced styles
Wet Seal there is a 30% off clearance items sale (items ending in .99) –> ending monday
The Outnet is having a 50% off a whole bunch of styles just for the weekend
At Forever21 you can get 50% off a whole bunch of outerwear
and at Honey Honey there is up to 50% off items from Foley + Corinna

Queensland floods

I would also like to give a shout-out to some stores supporting the Queensland Flood Appeal: if you were gonna buy something why not buy it now? It’ll go to a good cause
My Clothes Horse is donating 20% of all sales
Frock Shop is donating a percentage from their mid season sale
HoneyHoney is donating $10 from every sale

Alternatively you can donate directly here
Best wishes to those who were affected by the floods


The Ultimate Frenemy Gift Guide

Arrghh! Ok so my series of gift guides was a bit of a fail… I was sick from friday to sunday and worked 12 hours yesterday.
However enough excuses: prepare yourself for the ultimate frenemy gift guide. A funny list of passive-aggressive (or some just aggressive gifts), that I dare you to send.

Frenemy: For those who don’t know what frenemy is… in short it is a ‘friend’ who is an ‘enemy’. Its someone you HAVE to buy a gift for.. even if you dont want to: think inlaws, people who hang around with your friends, at the same time as you or those that you have an ongoing unspoken competition with.

Wow I am really sore – are you? (after exercise)
No? You musn’t have stretched properly.

Awww… a nice pretty doily card with die written on it. If you’ve got a grandma frenemy (or a blind friend that refuses to use classes) this gift card would probably be quite suiting… the ‘Die’ may just look blurry enough for you to get away with as they won’t be able to read it. However in all honesty: probably best suited to a relative, like a little brother – who won’t get too offended. If you don’t like ‘Die’ you can choose from: fucker, douchebag and suck it, amongst others at Pretty Bitter

A gift for the know-it-all friend – the one who can solve a rubix cube in 10 seconds… and does it a parties while everyone says “wow”. But in their heads they are all thinking “wanker”.
Ok so they might just enjoy this present – but it might just make them feel stupid : which is a good thing 😛

*stabbity stabitty stab stab stab* ‘seriously maim’ your frenemy with this tinny little plastic knife earrings 🙂

Well… I actually bought my sister these for christmas as her feet smell SO BAD! Basically they’re little deodorizing ‘golf balls’ (made of charcoal). You put them in your shoes and it deodorizes them. Read: Your feet smell. I actually bought these at borders, but the image links to a UK site, as I couldn’t find them on the borders website: if anyone knows of a website let me know!

Is it a little direct? It says: Get your ass off the couch you fat bitch.

OK. Im gonna stop now… i’ve given you plenty of gift ideas for the frenemy :P…. Of course there are some classics as well: chocolates for the skinny bitch (“go on… calories don’t count when its christmas” – thinks muhahah) Or I’ve seen charcoal soap floating around the internet 😛

Hope you havent left the bulk of your christmas shoping to the last minute like me!
Happy shopping 😛

For the Hippy/Eco-Friendly Girl

For quite sometime I’ve been thinking about what to get the more hippy girl for christmas… partly because I’m probably a closet hippy. Anyway over the weeks I’ve collected quite a few goodies.

The List

FairStory Fashion
Shiro Cosmetics
Tom’s Shoes
Body Shop


In my previous post I mentioned Lush and I would reccomend them purely on their ‘attitude’. They don’t test on animals, make their products from fruit ‘n’ veg and try and save on the unnecessary packaging.

“We believe in making effective products out of fresh fruit and vegetables,
the finest essential oils and safe synthetics,
without animal ingredients,
and in writing the quantitative ingredient list in English as well as Latin on the outside.”

The picture above is of the “Godiva” solid hair shampoo. It seems to have some good positive reviews. It also saves on packaging by being solid… (no bottles!) and at the same time apparently last forever! (which is a long time… :P)

Fair Story

Well to be honest I wouldn’t say any of the products they sell are ‘high fashion’, but the products they sell are worth it for the different story behind every one of them. For example the above pictured coin purse was made by Maya women in Guatemala. Many of the women face poverty and lack basic services. The company “Maya Traditions”, that organise the weaving of this product, strive to pay a fair wage. They are also committed to helping the weavers with health care and the education of their children, which are priorities expressed by many women. They provide scholarships to the children of these weavers, and one of them is even in medical school

Shiro Cosmetics

They sell fabulous vegan, handmixed eyeshadow. I discovered this Etsy seller when I was reading a blog post over at Dempeaux . I would highly reccomend a read – its a good review, and the pictures give a really good insight into how good the product actually is.

Golem Eyeshadow

Tom’s Shoes

College Catwalk summarised Tom’s Shoes well. Tom’s Shoes is basically founded on a ‘One-for-One’ principle. For each pair of shoes bought, one pair of shoes will be given to a child in need.

These shoes aren’t really high fashion. But they’re functional, comfortable looking (and every women needs at least one pair of these kind of shoes) and for a good cause.


The Body Shop is against animal testing, for fair trade, protecting our planet (and the rest)
International Student Volunteers or ISV is a great ‘voluntourism’ program. I travelled to Thailand with them at the beginning of this year and stayed in hill tribe village, helped with the daily ‘maintenance’ of elephans, endured bucket showers and had the best time of my life and made some great friends. I’m hoping to go to Costa Rica with them at the end of next year. A deposit on a trip would be a great gift – if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Happy Shopping 🙂

Christmas Gift Guides – How are they helpful when there are so many!

So for those of you still looking to do your christmas shopping… yet can’t be bothered either:

a. Dealing with the crowd

b. Searching through lots and lots of products, looking for the best gift for a particular person

c. Moving your ass from the couch

Have a Look at these holiday gift guides!

Who What Wear has a plethora of gift guides, representing many companies + styles. Its nice… but quite expensive (There is no one that I love quite so much that I am going to spend $200 on a gift for them:P)

Sambag for shoes and acessories.

Hervia : for Vivienne Westwood fans – designer perfume jewellery etc

Runway Scout has some very pretty jewellery (for very special people, to be found here)

Modcloth even has gift guide videos! (with associated product pages)

Forever21 has a nice + bright gift guide

Honey Honey has a range of gifts to choose from

The Hanging Space has a few gift ideas listed on their Blog.

Bird Motel has “Christmas Gift Guides for the Beach Babe”

StrawberryNet has cute little cosmetic / skincare / perfume kits packaged up for christmas

College Candy has quite a few gift guides floating around, like the one for the ‘bookworm’

Some of the products I liked in these gift guides

I hate it when I read to the point when I’m too tired to get up and turn the light off. I also hate trying to balance my desklamp on my rather unstable mattress 😛

I like it in black better but its still pretty awesome 🙂

Another Bookthemed one... but its too cute!

A few (unrelated) things I would like myself:

I tried this dress on and I loved it – it looks really good on, however it didnt quite fit – and the store I was in didn’t have the right size 😦

Angels on Bare Skin - Lush

Ok So it looks a little manky. But apparently it is one of the most amazing cleansers ever. I just discovered this store the other day while walking through perth city (although apparently it isn’t that big of a secret) – and I spent about 45 minutes in there. I got home searched up a review and — SUPRISE — its available online at Its a soap and skincare store which believes in making fresh, handmade products which have little effect on the environment. A good guide/review can be found at Weekend Ramblings

Over the next week in the lead to christmas, I’m thinking about doing a couple of posts on gift guides myself, however incorporating a wide range of stores and products. (stores that may not have necessarily desigined their own gift guide)

I’m thinking…

  • Hippie/Environmentally friendly (I’m a closet hippie :P)
  • Indie
  • Little Sister
  • Frenemy (not that Im intending on giving any gifts… I just thought it would make an amusing post)

Thanks for reading- happy shopping and Good luck (and a merry) for christmas!

Accesories page updated

Just spent an age updating the Accessories page/directory. Huge difference – I could probably add a little more but..
Im going to spend the rest of my friday evening at a Christmas party 😀 (christmas is too close!)
Happy Shopping!

Ring from allurez 🙂

Specials for today

A little tip: If you sign up for mailing lists you will receive a world of information about sales and specials. A few highlights from mail today…

Urban Originals Advent Calendar

The urban Originals advent calendar looks amazing! Why would you buy anything full price 😛 ? Im going to have a bit of a browse for gifts…as well as a bit of a browse for me (may as well get it while its cheap!)

Travel Wallet: Dreaming of Holidays I can't afford

If you email subscribe to HoneyHoney You might receive a code for a $25 gift voucher, however I’m not sharing my code… 🙂
Not sure what to use it on yet.. I’ve got to spend at least $50 to redeem it…

These cost $50 retail... maybe they could be a $25 gift for someone (when I redeem the voucher)

I want a bargain is selling a whole bunch of items for just $10 – if you want to stock up on some basics i suggest having a look here! many reasonable items for $10! Of course there are some not quite so desirable items here as well…

10 dorrah!

If you follow My Clothes Horse on twitter you will receive a code for 20% off yay!

Fleur Wood Top, already discounted to $49… and you get another 20% off!

Hmmm… So thats about it for now 🙂
A few others: 20% of storewide at Hello Ruby with the code MERRYXMAS
Forever21 is having daily special ‘yellow tag’ deals… until christmas I think… today they are selling cold weather accessories, starting at $3
Asos still has free shipping WORLDWIDE! until christmas 😀

Happy Shopping 🙂 and good luck for your gift searching!

Morning Show segment on Online Shopping

I watched sunrise/morning show yesterday morning ( I slept in!), and they had a little segment on online shopping for Gifts. So i thought I would do a brief recap and review for those of you who had better things to do then watch the morning show (y’know, work, uni, school or more sleep?)

The list:

Jimmy Browns
The Wetseat
The Chocolate Pot

For the Men

Well Kylie seemed a little dubious when she was told that the men were ‘loving these at the moment’

Duck boxers XD

Stonemen basically sells ‘artistic’ male undies. Personally I think they are hilarious / good fun and I would love a pair. However that being said I’m a girl and I think that many guys would be embarassed to be seen in the ‘locker room’ as such with them on. I think the price ranges from about 25 to 37 dollars, depending on how complex they are. Any thoughts?

It's a bush!

Jimmy Browns sells sleepwear for boys and men, namely boxers, sleep shorts, sleep tees and ‘Loung Longs’, which I gathered just to mean ‘pyjama pants’.

Pyjama Shorts

To be honest I didn’t think they ‘looked’ particularly great. But they are 100% cotton and have an elastic waistband – so they would be comfy. The shorts are $27.90 – $32.90 and the boxers cost $24.90 – $27.90 – and they are unisex!


The Wetseat: In my opinion this is one of the best ideas mentioned.
Its basically a car seat cover made out of wetsuit material – which is a great idea if your a beach frequenter and don’t want salt or sand all over your seat. Its also ‘dog resistant’. However they are a little exxy for a gift at $149

The Wet seat

The Chocolate Pot
 Yum..  This site specialises in truffles and also sells Mango dipped in chocolate! (two perfect foods…)

Kids (or cousin/nephew/nieces etc!):

Candu : ok, so I don’t think that the morning show grouped this website under kids, but I’m going to as I don’t think that any ‘adult’ would really want one :P.

Candu Resin Bowl Kit

You can choose from a selection of ‘kits’ to make things with. I remember I loved these kind of things as a kid.

Ministyle: Ok i think that is is actually the best find. There is literally EVERYTHING kids here.

Russian nesting dolls $16.95


Kids wear, accessories, books, personalized gifts, accessories, toys etc. And its all at a pretty affordable price

The Dog


Jollie is good place to go if you think your dog would enjoy some beef, cashew and rosemary cookies at christmas time… or some cranberry cookies.
Your dog probably doesn’t realise its christmas though… Its about 15.00 for a 300g bag. (or you could think of it as buying dog food at about $50 a kilo – but its christmas!)

Jollie biscuits

Wow that took an age to type out… – Hope its useful. If you want to watch the actual video it is below! 🙂